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When many parents buy kindergarten quilts, they usually think that the higher the price is, the better the price is, and the lower the price is, the worse. In fact, this is not the way to judge. The first thing we should choose is suitable for children. Children's skin is sensitive. If children don't adapt, then everything is useless.
The difference between cotton and silk cotton
Silk cotton, which replaces down and plant cotton as the filler of kindergarten quilt, has very good warmth retention. The surface of imitation silk cotton is flat, mercerized, light, delicate, soft, good heat preservation, very strong water washing resistance, not easy to deform, will not run Silk, feel like down, fine texture, surface like silk, tensile, soft and other characteristics. It will not change after repeated washing by washing machine. It is water washing Suitable filling materials for sand washing clothes; It is suitable for cold clothing, fine and soft fabric clothing, bedding and fillers for winter fashion. It is an ideal choice to replace down as filling cotton.
As a traditional thermal insulation material, cotton fiber has a fine fineness, natural curl and a middle cavity in the cross section, so it has good thermal insulation, strong heat storage capacity, and does not generate static electricity. Pure cotton under the sunlight will restore the elasticity and elongation of cotton fiber, and there is much heat storage in the fiber. Therefore, the thickness of the quilt exposed to the sun will increase significantly, and it feels very soft. At night, covering the quilt with the sun will make you feel the slow release of heat in the cotton, making people feel intimate, warm and soft. With the faint taste of the sun, it will make you sleep faster.
Advantages of cotton and silk cotton
Silk like cotton is used in a large number of fashion and uniforms because its products are light and thin, have good warmth retention, are easy to combine with popular elements, are not easy to absorb moisture, and are not easy to reduce warmth retention. It abandons the shortcomings of plant cotton that its warmth retention will become worse and particularly bulky with the use of a long time.
Cotton fiber is a natural product, long and tough, not easy to break, and will not affect the room air and cause discomfort in the occupants' throats and lungs due to the falling off of small villi. No static electricity, no nutrients, no bacteria. The nerves and skin on the user's body surface are not affected. It is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, pregnant women, infants, adolescents, people who are allergic to chemical fiber products, people with trachea or asthma, people with high work pressure or long-term poor rest, and people who are in sub-health status for a long or short time.
In short, as an ancient and traditional product in China, the quilt has been used until today. It is conceivable that the position of the quilt in people's hearts is irreplaceable, especially in the pursuit of low-carbon environmental protection, natural green and healthy products today, the quilt is the best choice for people.
The above is a detailed introduction about the customization of kindergarten uniforms in Jinan. I hope it will help you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide services for you with a professional attitude http://www.sdzzfs.com



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